Andrea Tang

Author of science fiction, fantasy, & broadly speculative storytelling.

A loose schedule of some stories-in-waiting for the fall!

So, on the heels of my poet-prophets & secret agents story Cassandra Writes Out of Order, which dropped at this week's PodCastle episode (technically my second pro sale, but the first to go live, with the bonus of some truly spectacular narration by Sandra Espinoza, the voice behind America Chavez on Avengers Academy!), I got some lovely news from the fine folks over at the Devilfish Review that they've decided to pick up "Courtesans Tell Tales," my prequel / companion story to The Moons of Zaaros, a coming-of-age short originally published by The Sockdolager in their Women of War special, about doofy queer girls power politicking (& gender politicking) their way through ~WARS IN SPACE~. Also, adolescence & feelings, natch.

"Courtesans" technically stands alone – it's set significantly before the events of "Moons," features an entirely new cast of characters, and is also somewhat more adult in its subject matter – but it does set up the eventual political conflict that the young heroines of "Moons" grapple with. If I ever pen more stories in this universe, I feel like I should just name the whole collection "Variously Queer & Genderqueer People Power Politicking in Space." It can be an art house installation somewhere.

Autumn is apparently my particular publishing season for Loads & Loads of Stories, though, because in addition to "Courtesans," I've also got my pro debut, "The Man in the Crimson Coat" appearing in Issue #100 of Apex Magazine for September. "Crimson Coat" is my short fiction foray into cyberpunk & noir-style suspense stories, and will be available to your eyeballs inside the month!

Tentatively slated to appear in audio & text at Glittership in October is "Graveyard Girls on Paper Phoenix Wings," my spooky, frothy fantasy romance replete with misbehaving ladies of varying sorts, plus a Hot Fucky Bird Man. Next, coming up at GigaNotoSaurus for the month of November, is "Hungry Demigods," my utterly self-indulgent urban fantasy novelette about a grouchy Chinese kitchen witch in Montreal, full of multicultural food & multilingual swearing. 

Prose aside, autumn should also, by hook or by crook, see the release of "Dearest," a short noir comic co-authored with longtime friend and co-conspirator, Baltimore-based artist Margaret Huey, and possibly some snippets of music and audio drama. Stay tuned, and meanwhile, do feel free to check out my currently available selection of short fiction, conveniently portfolio'd over here. That's all for the moment – catch y'all next time!